Expanding Your Horizons

Innovation in Capital Raising

Whether it’s seed capital for start-ups or later stage funding rounds, SIBC Capital can assist you with the often difficult task of getting investors to the table. Our service starts with assisting you in creating a business plan and investment proposition that makes sense to the investment markets. We then move onto structuring a deal that investors will fully understand. Lastly, we approach our own network of private and institutional investors and family offices to get your business capitalised on terms acceptable to all stakeholders.

Telling the Story

All great business opportunities start with a great business plan. It has to be thorough, compelling and give an accurate picture of your plans for growth and profitability

Deal Structuring

It’s no good simply asking for money. Instead you have to consider investor needs. The deal structure must make it simple for investors to evaluate your proposition and give them the returns they are looking for.

Getting to the Money

Investors are everywhere but gaining their attention often relies on personal contact and trust. SIBC utilises its own network of investors who have very specific criteria and can be targeted with only proposals of interest

With You at Every Step of the Way

Although we like to be involved with entrepreneurs at a very early stage, we are equally happy to be brought into the picture after you’ve undertaken your provisional planning and deal structuring work. SIBC Capital can work alongside your own retained fiscal and legal advisors, or we can be brought in at the final capital-raising stage. In any event, we will undertake a full analysis of your value proposition and make recommendations for improving your plan or deal structure before formally approaching the investment markets.

Global Reach

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No matter where in the world your business is, SIBC has an investment solution that transcends international borders as well as regulatory and corporate environments. Through the establishment and use of Special Purpose Funds SIBC can help your proposal attract investment via more familiar and efficient corporate structures which can greatly overcome investor concerns about investing into unfamiliar areas.

How We Work

SIBC interface with it’s clients through a network of independent consultants who are drawn from a wide range of industry-specific, geo-political and financial backgrounds. Our consultants provide the essential hands-on involvement required to structure a specific investment proposal.

By working closely with our client’s or their professional advisors, our approved consultants can often cut through the due diligence process and bring their wealth of local or industry knowledge to bear on the project proposal. This will often shorten the time to decision significantly and ensure a smooth transmission of information between the client and SIBC.

SIBC consultants are carefully selected and allocated to projects based on their field of expertise. Additionally, our consultants will have direct access to SIBC’s in-house team to ensure that preliminary project proposals are well within our business criteria. This helps to eliminate potential mistakes in presenting deals and reduces the number of proposal rejections that are often the hallmark of direct approaches to investors.


“The idea or concept may be good, The market well researched, but often success needs a little something else”.

Vision can be the difference between success or failure. SIBC prides itself on bringing that all-important, independent vision to our client proposals, helping to attract the essential capital to make it happen.

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