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Flexibility and Choice

Todays private equity investors are being exposed to significantly wider choices in how they make their investments. The advent of crowd-funding, for example, has allowed the profit potential of private equity to reach a much wider audience of investors, giving them the flexibility and choice of how much to invest and where to invest. At SIBC Capital we believe this same choice and flexibility should be available to all forms of collective investment propositions.

With traditional fund structures, investment partners often have to commit to making investments into a portfolio of deals which are decided by a fund manager in accordance with stated criteria. This may be a narrow class of assets concentrating on a specific industry sector or geographic location or, it can be a much wider class of assets. Ultimately, a great reliance is placed on fund managers to select the deals that make up the portfolio after investment commitment.

At SIBC we view things a little differently. We want our investment partners to be 100% happy with every deal before they commit to making an investment. We achieve this by carefully sourcing private equity investment opportunities that we believe have a great chance of success. These opportunities are then structured as independent private investment funds which are placed under a common management and administration. This removes the need for a fund manager to select opportunities within a narrow asset class and allows us to look at a much wider range of opportunities. In many cases, it also allows us to bring in specialist advisors to help us add value to the investment propositions. For our investment partners, they have the comfort of knowing that their investment is being professionally administered in a regulatory environment, whilst giving them the freedom to select the specific opportunities they may wish to be involved in.

In most cases, each independent, opportunity-specific fund will be structured as a Limited liability Partnership. However, we may, in some cases, structure the fund as a Limited Liability Company. In either case, the funds will be professionally administered by SIBC Capital as corporate General Partners or as Corporate Directors. All funds will be established under the Gibraltar Collective Investment Schemes Regulations 2011 and registered with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

Anyone interested in becoming an Investment Partner with SIBC Capital is invited to register their interest with us. Remember, there is no initial financial commitment and if you are selected for inclusion into our ranks of investment partners you will receive full details of our selected investment proposals as and when they become available. You will be free to invest as little or as much as you feel comfortable with and you will be free to participate only in equity investments of interest. Under current regulations there is no minimum or maximum investment values. However, individual PPM’s will set out any specific investment limits that may be applicable to each opportunity.

You may register your interest by first getting in touch with us via our CONTACT PAGE. We will then respond with a small questionnaire that will allow us to better assess your investment objectives. SIBC want to get to know our investors to ensure that their objectives can be met within the bounds of their financial capability. Once you are successfully registered with us, you will be assigned to one of our personal advisors who will always be on-hand to help you with any enquiries you may have.

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